Specification of a local entrepreneurship model


  • Alejandra Velázquez-Orozco
  • Laura García Espinoza
  • Manuel Zainos Hernández
  • Cruz García Lirios

Palabras clave:

Local Development, social entrepreneurship, acculturation, multiculturalism, interculturality


Background. The literature local venture out; 1) l to migration of talent from universities and emergent, stay in universities and developed talents return to his alma mater; 2) acculturation, multiculturalism and interculturality as management systems for the expulsion and reception of migrants; 3) the adaptation of migrant workers and the assimilation and selection of talents, as well as the identity in both; 4) the inexorability between community worker entrepreneurship and academic talent entrepreneurship.

Objective. Specify a model of local entrepreneurship based on a review and discussion of theoretical, conceptual and empirical frameworks related to the migration of workers and talents.

Method. A documentary study was conducted with a selection of indexed sources during the period from 2010 to 2019 in repositories in Latin America.

Results. The model specified included after hypothesis of correlational trajectories between the assimilation, selectivity and identity variables reviewed in the state of knowledge.

Discussion. From the approaches of acculturation, multiculturalism and interculturality, the inclusion of explanatory variables of equitable relations between economic, political and social actors is noted.

Conclusion. The specification of the model can only be checked if it is possible to observe inter-culturalism in the public policies of micro-financing of entrepreneurial projects for local development.




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Velázquez Orozco, A., García Espinoza, L., Zainos Hernández, M., & García Lirios, C. (2020). Specification of a local entrepreneurship model. Revista De Investigación Académica Sin Frontera: División De Ciencias Económicas Y Sociales, (33), 1-16. Recuperado a partir de https://revistainvestigacionacademicasinfrontera.unison.mx/index.php/RDIASF/article/view/352




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