Devices of positivity in the Social Work intervention


  • Jorge Hernández Valdés
  • Sofía López de Nava Tapía
  • Alejandra Ramos García


Palabras clave:

device, positivity, biopolitics, intervention, Social Work


The history of the intervention of Social Work in the area of health has been built from a device that in the case of the Institutions of Higher Education, Social Sciences and Humanities this acquires a connotation of dispositivity in the Foucauldian sense of reproduction of social domination through the power of vigilance and punishment. In this sense, the objective of this work was to discuss the scope and limits of the positivity device for the case of Social Work and its history of intervention in public health institutions. The discussion will allow us to move towards a reconceptualization scenario in which we see an alternative intervention device that not only reproduces health policies, but also questions them in favor of the groups that are being violated.


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Cómo citar

Hernández Valdés J., López de Nava Tapía S., & Ramos García A. (2020). Devices of positivity in the Social Work intervention. Revista De Investigación Académica Sin Frontera: Facultad Interdisciplinaria De Ciencias Económicas Administrativas - Departamento De Ciencias Económico Administrativas-Campus Navojoa, (30), 5.





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