Reliability and validity of the scale of labor welfare


  • María Inés Cervantes Rivera
  • Gilberto Bermúdez Ruíz
  • Cruz García Lirios


Palabras clave:

Quality of life, labor welfare, life satisfaction, group norms, availability of resources, perceived capabilities


The objective of this work was to establish the reliability and validity of an instrument that measures labor well-being, considering a review of the public literature from 2015 to 2019 in international repositories such as Copernicus, Dialnet, Ebsco, latindex, Publindex, Redalyc, Scielo, Scopus, WoS, Zenodo and Zotero. An exploratory, cross-sectional and correlational study was carried out with a sample of 245, considering its insertion in the labor market, as well as its participation in the system of professional practices and social service. Eight dimensions were established regarding satisfaction, capacity, trust, justice, timeliness, valuation and the environment that accounted for 81% of the total, variance, although the research design limited the findings to the research scenario.
suggesting the extension of work towards other professional training scenarios.


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Cómo citar

Cervantes Rivera, M. I., Bermúdez Ruíz, G., & García Lirios, C. (2019). Reliability and validity of the scale of labor welfare. Revista De Investigación Académica Sin Frontera: División De Ciencias Económicas Y Sociales, (31), 21.




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